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Dominique is the name (26). :-) Love the beauty of life, the beauty is what YOU make it.
This is a blog about nothing. I love God, Music, Fatshion, Art (especially nude art), I love randomness & so much more. I'm also a sucka for love.
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Mr. President is looking like he just stepped straight off the pages of GQ magazine on this Easter Sunday! 🙌🙌🙌

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Every saint has a past but every sinner has a future
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You know you’re on the right track when you become uninterested in looking back.
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Let me tell ya’ll the baby fever was high today in church. All the cute kids with their Easter outfits, they were so precious. Especially these two little girls with their pink on, ovaries calm down please. I definitely need to get everything in order I think baby season is right around the corner for me…. I think.

John 11:25-26 ERV

Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection. I am life. Everyone who believes in me will have life, even if they die. And everyone who lives and believes in me will never really die.”

Church was awesome!!!!! I got the word today and I’m feel amazing!!! I so needed the sermon that was given today.

Sometimes I get so wrapped in myself and over thinking that I forget how awesome God is and I need to just be still and let God be God!!! I’m gone hold on!!!

Good morning beautiful people and Happy Easter!!!!

Good morning beautiful people and Happy Easter!!!!

Raheem Devaughn - BOB (Offiicial Video)

Should I eat some pizza or go to sleep? Decisions, decisions, decisions!!!

Went out with my ladies tonight. Had some much needed fun!!!

August Alsina - Kissin’ On My Tattoos

August Alsina - Porn Star